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Data fetching

Server side data fetching in Fresh is accomplished through asynchronous handler functions. These handler functions can call a ctx.render() function with the data to be rendered as an argument. This data can then be retrieved by the page component through the data property on the props.

Here is an example:

interface Project {
  name: string;
  stars: number;

export const handler: Handlers<Project> = {
  async GET(_req, ctx) {
    const project = await db.projects.findOne({ id: });
    if (!project) {
      return new Response("Project not found", { status: 404 });
    return ctx.render(project);

export default function ProjectPage(props: PageProps<Project>) {
  return (
      <p>{} stars</p>

The type parameter on the PageProps, Handlers, Handler, and HandlerContext can be used to enforce a TypeScript type to use for the render data. Fresh enforces during type checking that the types in all of these fields are compatible within a single page.