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deno run -A -r

Introducing Fresh:

The framework so simple, you already know it.

Fresh is designed to be easy to use by building on the best well-known tools, conventions, and web standards.

Build fast apps fast

Fresh routes are dynamically server-rendered Preact components, so there's zero JavaScript shipped to the browser by default.

Simple to write; fast to run.

export default function HomePage() {
  const time = new Date().toLocaleString();
  return (
    <p>Freshly server-rendered {time}</p>

Freshly server-rendered Jul 21, 2024, 4:57:41 PM UTC

Island-based architecture

Fresh ships plain HTML to the client, then hydrates with JavaScript only where needed.

Because it's Preact, you get best-in-class performance, plus the convenience of Signals.

Learn more about islands
import { useSignal } from "@preact/signals";

export default function Counter(props) {
  const count = useSignal(props.start);

  return (
      <h3>Interactive island</h3>
      <p>The server supplied the initial value of {props.start}.</p>
        <button onClick={() => count.value -= 1}>-</button>
        <button onClick={() => count.value += 1}>+</button>

Interactive island

The server supplied the initial value of 3.


Forms, the right way

Don't fight the browser. Fresh helps you handle form submissions and other dynamic requests server-side, from any route.

Since Fresh is built on Deno, it's built on web standards.

Forms in Fresh
import { Handlers } from "$fresh/server.ts";

export const handler: Handlers = {
  async POST(req) {
    const form = await req.formData();

    // Do something with the form data here,
    // then redirect user to thank you page

    const headers = new Headers();
    headers.set("location", "/thanks");
    return new Response(null, {
      status: 303,
What's your favorite treat?

Stream HTML straight from the server

Fresh Partials let you fetch HTML and slot it directly into the page, without a full page reload—perfect for interactive elements and dynamic apps.

Learn more about Partials
import { Partial } from "$fresh/runtime.ts";

export const Recipes = () => (
  <div f-client-nav>
      <button f-partial="/recipes/lemonade">
      <button f-partial="/recipes/lemon-honey-tea">
        Lemon-honey tea
      <button f-partial="/recipes/lemondrop">
        Lemondrop Martini
      <Partial name="recipe">
        Click a recipe to stream HTML into this spot
Click a recipe to stream HTML into this spot

Built for the edge

Fresh is the secret sauce behind production-grade, enterprise-ready software like, Brazil's top eCommerce platform

Deco CX
The team also used Fresh, a next-gen Deno-native full stack web framework that sends zero JavaScript to the client, for its modern developer experience and snappy performance…

This stack unlocked 5x faster page load speeds and a 30% jump in conversion rates for their clients.
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Deno is drinking Fresh lemon squash

Built on Deno

Deno is the next evolution of server-side JavaScript, with stronger security, a robust built-in toolchain, and zero-config TypeScript support. (It's faster than Node, too.)

Learn more about Deno
Illustration of a lemon sliced cleanly in half, suspended in midair as though frozen in time the instant after the cut, the juice flung from the edges

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