Fresh v1.6 has been released with Tailwind CSS, better Plugin API and more

The next-gen web framework.

Built for speed, reliability, and simplicity.

deno run -A -r
Deno is drinking Fresh lemon squash

Fresh embraces the tried and true design of server side rendering and progressive enhancement on the client side.

Just-in-time rendering on the edge.
Island based client hydration for maximum interactivity.
Zero runtime overhead: no JS is shipped to the client by default.
No build step.
No configuration necessary.
TypeScript support out of the box.

Interactive islands

Fresh optimizes the page by only shipping JavaScript for areas that need it. The rest is completely static HTML rendered by the server. This means the browser needs to load less code and can display pages more quickly.

This area is interactive

The server supplied the initial value of 3.



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