Fresh v1.1 has been released with support for automatic JSX, plugins, DevTools support, and more!

The next-gen web framework.

Built for speed, reliability, and simplicity.

deno is drinking fresh lemon squash
Just-in-time rendering on the edge.
Island based client hydration for maximum interactivity.
Zero runtime overhead: no JS is shipped to the client by default.
No build step.
No configuration necessary.
TypeScript support out of the box.

Fresh embraces the tried and true design of server side rendering and progressive enhancement on the client side.

Getting Started

Deno CLI version 1.25.0 or higher is required. Install or update.

To bootstrap a new project:

deno run -A -r my-project

Enter the newly created project directory and run the following command to start the development server:

deno task start

You can now open http://localhost:8000 in your browser to view the page.

A more in-depth Getting Started guide is available in the docs.


This text is being server side rendered on the fly. It was rendered at 15:02:25 UTC.

The counter below was rendered on the server with a starting value of 3, and was then hydrated on the client to provide interactivity. Try out the buttons!


Only the JS required to render that counter is sent to the client.


Below is a selection of projects that have been built with Fresh.